Welcome to teamWeather

teamWeather was established in 2008 by Christopher Zenzel to provide weather information for the areas of Perkasie and beyond through his creative applications and analysis of weather information to provide the most accurate information without the hassle of commercialized weather information.

teamWeather started in 2008 with a simple wireless weather station and provided weather conditions for the Perkasie, Pennsylvania area and gained thousands of users quick with the station’s accurate weather conditions and fast adoption of technology. The other reason our data is beyond other user contributors is our location, which is 650 – 670 feet above sea level located in Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania.

The Perkasie Weather Center

Christopher’s weather information is published multiple places on the Internet for users to gain quick access including Weather Underground (KPAPERKA4, KPAPERKA6) as well as to Twitter using the handle @perkasieweather. Through multiple social media and Internet outlets teamWeather and Christopher Zenzel has gained support for the local weather information and has been providing information to everyone in the area for local weather conditions.

The Perkasie Weather Center, originally branded the Zenzel Weather Center, started out in the late 1990s with software from around the Internet, but then Christopher created his own software and used some open source components to build a new weather web site from the ground up. Today it has been proven to be a success and allows over thousands of users per month to access weather information for Perkasie fast.